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"I was so impressed with the intimacy of the affair, and how it was de facto broadening horizons for every attendee, as the careful mix of invitations created a crowd which was nobody’s usual suspects." 

- Johnny Casana, Pattern Energy Group  

"I attend many industry conferences each year, CEWI was one of the best organized and most impactful events I have participated in. Fun and interactive with a diverse attendee list." 
- Jonathan (J.W.) Postal, Nikola Power  

"As an active participant in emerging markets and applications of renewable energy and water technology, I found it refreshing and enlightening to gain the 'big picture' perspective provided by the speakers, guests and subject matter offered here. Very nice work on the lineup, especially for an inaugural event. I'm looking forward to participating next year."  - Dustin Jolley, OurEnergy 

"CEWI is doing a great job of convening industry professionals to discuss some highly important topics and cutting edge technologies that should be of interest to all Coloradans. Keep up the good work!" 

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