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The Institute for Western Energy (formerly known as Colorado Energy & Water Institute) is an organization dedicated to addressing the intricate relationship between energy and water. Focused on collaboration and partnerships, the Institute explores sustainable solutions to the challenges posed by the intersection of energy production, water resources, population growth, and the impacts of climate change in the West. Through its initiatives, the Institute aims to foster a deeper understanding of these complex dynamics and promote the development of environmentally responsible and efficient practices in the management of energy and water resources.


The Institute for Western Energy (formerly known as Colorado Energy & Water Institute) was founded in 2017 to bring together a diverse community of North American industry, policy, nonprofit and academic leaders in an intentionally intimate setting to engage in a meaningful conversation about our energy and water future. With the foundation of our successful inaugural event in 2017, the Western Energy & Water Forum, The Institute for Western Energy has expanded to offer additional events and seminars to provide participants an opportunity to add to the dialogue, engage with one another and experience nature.


Brian Murray

CEWI Director and Director of the Duke University Energy Initiative

4. iStock-1395175362.small.jpg

Ryan Smith

CEWI Director and Managing Director at Zoma Capital

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Dahvi Wilson

CEWI Director and Vice President of Public Affairs at Apex Clean Energy

Joe Milczewski

CEWI Director and Director of Government Relations at Occidental Petroleum


Kathleen Staks

CEWI Director and Executive Director of Western Freedom


Lincoln Davies

CEWI Director and Dean, Moritz College of Law, The Ohio State University

Chris Hansen

Founder and Director of Programming


Gena Buhler

Founder and Director of Operations


In Memory of
Larry Holdren

Founder and Former Executive Director

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